Children's Eye Test

Children don’t often report eye problems, and this can be a source of anxiety for many parents. Eye tests are a simple and non-invasive way to ensure peace of mind when it comes to one of your child’s most important senses.

The coordination and strength of your child’s focusing and eye alignment is vital to learning. Wills Street Eyecare recommends routine testing before children start school, and periodic re-testing throughout primary and high school years.  For children with possible eye problems, or with a family history of eye conditions, testing can begin as early as six months of age.

Eye tests are a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Our optometrists have a great rapport with children, employing a unique testing style that is engaging and interactive.

What happens during the test?

  • We perform an in-depth range of tests to assess your child’s complete visual system 
  • Each set of focusing muscles is checked independently and their ability to coordinate is measured

We are able to prescribe glasses or contact lenses if required, and can provide a comprehensive program of eye exercises, information and support. Our practice has a purpose built area for children's spectacles, with a wide range of frames suitable for babies through to teens.