Contact Lens Eye Test

First time contact lens wearers

Getting fitted for contact lenses can be a nervous and exciting moment. Our experienced optometrists have assisted thousands of people through their first fittings, and are expert at making the process as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

We offer a comprehensive fitting process to ensure you have the best lenses for your individual needs. A successful fit matches the best lens type to your eye: a contact lens prescription specifies the lens curvature, size and the material it is made from, in addition to your optical prescription.

Contact lens types

Different brands of contact lenses are made in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. There are two main types of contact lenses:

Soft lenses are made from a flexible material that moulds to the shape of your eye. The most common type of lens, soft lenses offer immediate comfort.  They can be ordered in ready-made disposable form or can be custom made.

A variety of soft disposable lens types are available:

Single use wear for occasional use

Up to 30 daily wears for regular users

Continuous 24-hour wear for those who want full-time vision correction

Hard lenses are made from a gas-permeable, rigid type of plastic and are used for specific eye conditions. Your optometrist will advise if you require hard lenses.

Fitting package for new soft lens users

For new soft disposable lens wearers, our fitting package includes:

  • Teaching you how to insert and remove your contact lenses
  • Provision of trial contact lenses at no extra charge
  • Review visits to ensure the trial lenses are performing at their best
  • Initial supply of lenses (30 pairs of daily lenses or 3 pairs of monthly lenses) and cleaning solutions

At the end of the trial process we will confirm your contact lens prescription and order an ongoing supply. Contact lenses are available in 90 days supply, and can be ordered online or through the practice.

Fitting package for new hard lens and custom-made soft lens users

For new hard or custom-made soft lens wearers, our fitting package includes:

  • Teaching you how to insert and remove your contact lenses
  • Supply of a pair of contact lenses ordered individually to suit your eye
  • Review visits to ensure the supplied lenses are performing at their best
  • Unlimited adjustments to the contact lens for three months, to ensure optimum fit

Present contact lens wearers

If you already wear contact lenses, regular assessment of your eyes and your lenses is strongly advised. Six monthly or annual reviews are recommended to detect incorrectly fitting lenses and avoid damage to the surface of the eye.

Our optometrist will assess your vision and contact lens fitting at each review visit, to ensure your prescription and contact lens type is performing well.

We can alleviate any problems that might arise by fitting new lenses, prescribing eye drops or advising on appropriate wearing schedules.

Contact lens wearers also require a comprehensive examination every two years. Your contact lenses can be reviewed at this visit.