Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing glasses? Time for a change? Contact lenses might be the breath of fresh air your eyes are crying out for.

What are contact lenses?

A contact lens is a small lens that sits on the surface of the eye (the cornea) to provide you with clear focus. Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses, and are available for most prescriptions or eye focusing conditions.

People wear contact lenses for a variety of reasons:

  • They find glasses uncomfortable or impractical
  • They find their lens thickness unsightly
  • They don’t like glasses or feel like a change
  • They want to wear non-prescription sunglasses in summer
  • They prefer to play sport without glasses

Contact lenses can correct shortsightedness (myopia), longsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Successful contact lens wear involves having the best match of contact lens type to the eye.

What types of contact lenses are available?

There are two main types of contact lenses: soft lenses and hard lenses.

Soft lenses are made from a flexible material that moulds to the shape of your eye. The most common type of lens, soft lenses offer immediate comfort.  They can be ordered in ready-made disposable form or can be custom made.


A variety of soft disposable lens types are available:

  • Single use wear for occasional use
  • Up to 30 daily wears for regular users
  • Continuous 24-hour wear for those who want full-time vision correction

Hard lenses are made from a gas-permeable, rigid type of plastic and are used for specific eye conditions. Your optometrist will advise if you require hard lenses.

A contact lens prescription specifies the lens curvature (shape), size and the material it is made from, in addition to your optical prescription. Different brands of contact lenses are made from different materials and have varying shapes and sizes.

We supply all the major brands of contact lenses at competitive prices, and we will ensure you have the best contact lens to suit your needs. Re-orders can be made by phone, online or in-store.