Thin, Light Materials

The days of unsightly, thick “Coke bottle” lenses are well behind us, thanks to new technologies that have made thinner and lightweight lenses the norm.

Glass is rarely used in lenses these days due to its heavy weight and concerns about safety. All lens types are now generally made from a plastic-based material or a polycarbonate-based material.

Polycarbonate-based lenses are lighter and stronger than standard plastic lenses. They are often used for children and industrial workers.

Plastic-based lenses offer better optical clarity than polycarbonate lenses, and are lightweight and shatter-proof.

High-index lenses are available in five different densities, and are capable of reducing the weight and thickness of your lenses by up to 45%. High-index lenses also include enhanced UV protection.

We can advise on the best option for your prescription, based on your individual needs and budget.