Lockdown 4.0 May 2021

This time it's for seven days... and again we are NOT permitted to continue routine (non-urgent) optometry care.

What we CAN do:

- We can give phone advice regarding eye emergencies and will arrange to see you in the practice if deemed necessary.
- We can provide a 'click and collect' service for completed spectacles and contact lenses you would like to pick up.  This will be available between 10am and 1pm each week day.
- We can place new contact lens orders received by phone or email.

What we CAN'T do:

- Routine appointments already booked from Friday May 28th to Thursday 3rd June 2021 are now postponed.  We will contact you to arrange a new time for your appointment.
- New frame selections and routine frame adjustments or repairs are not permitted unless your only pair of glasses are broken.  Please try not to sit on your glasses during lockdown.
- We can't necessarily get it all right... we're trying our best to follow the restrictions as they apply to optometry and accept that it won't always suit everyone.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

We continue to follow all COVID-safe precautions, including wear of face masks, regular disinfection of hands and surfaces, and keeping a full record of all visitors to the practice.

Thank you again for your cooperation and stay well!