Tinted Lenses

All of our lens types – single vision, multifocal, bifocal – are available with tinting, and most prescription lenses are suitable for tinting at the time of manufacture. Our tinted lenses all include 100% UV blockout.

A variety of tint options are available.

Solid tint is a permanent tint available from very light through to very dark, in a range of colours.

Graded Tint is a solid tint that lightens towards the lower section of the lens. It improves the look of the lens and enables easier reading through your sunglasses.

Light-sensitive or photochromatic tint is a receptive material which responds to UV light, automatically changing the lens from clear to dark depending on the available light. A popular brand of these is Transitions, which is available in grey, brown and graphite green tint colours.  A polarized version of Transitions is available for fishermen or water sport lovers, and “Drivewear” is specifically designed to reduce road glare.

Polarized tint is a solid tint that provides the best possible glare protection by blocking any reflected light from passing through the lens. It’s great for driving, fishing and snow or water-based activities and is recommended for people who are very glare sensitive.